Maryland has never seen a gubernatorial candidate like me. First, I am a political outsider who will not be accepting donations from the big lobby groups and unions, which is virtually unheard of. What this means is that unlike the vast majority of our state politicians, I have no motivation to prioritize special interest at the expense of the people that I’d be elected to serve.

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Jesus Christ
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“I was born and raised in Maryland, and continue to live and work here today. Putting what’s best for Maryland ahead of partisanship will be my priority as Governor.

I live to serve God and serve others, and my actions will continue to prove this. I need a resourceful and safe state to raise my children, grow my businesses, and continue to help others through my non profit.”



Hear from Kyle himself on why he is different

"I am so motivated to do this, and for the right reasons. Long before I ever considered this run, I have founded, hosted or assisted numerous special events that benefit charitable organizations. Among these is the KNK Foundation (501c3) that I founded which has truly served all genders, ages, and demographics. I have hosted the annual holiday fundraiser for years benefiting the Fighting for Kaiden Foundation, an organization that raises awareness and funds for the battle against SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). In addition, I offer free women’s self defense classes at my gym and founded “Girl Power” to empower women from all walks of life throughout our community. Girl Power now brings in over 5000 women per event and supports over 300 women owned businesses.

I founded SoundShape, a fun and new exercise program set to live DJ music that anyone at any fitness level can do. Since this started, I have been invited to schools all over the DMV to lead SoundShape programs for the kids, and have been featured on the National Mall 3 times. At one of my businesses, MMA & Sport, we sponsor at-risk children, and through this we have helped them stay out of trouble and bring up their grades in school. I also volunteer at Elder Care and other elder homes across the state. Our elderly are often neglected, but I am able to develop a great rapport with them while providing entertainment, and enjoy every minute of it. I feel that people and leadership do not sufficiently prioritize the needs of the elderly and that needs to change."