"In order for our statewide government to effectively serve our community, I want the average Marylander’s voices to be heard!"



I want to do something unprecedented in politics. In our state, we are unique in that we have lots of bipartisan collaboration. However, it seems like the only things that both parties can agree on is to raise our taxes. As a small business owner and single father, this presents a huge problem for me as it does for many other Marylanders. For that reason, I pledge to not raise taxes on Maryland citizens by a cent. We will reallocate resources wisely to get more done with less money to get rid of wasteful spending.


In order for our statewide government to effectively serve our community, I want the average Marylander’s voices to be heard. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw how the government dropped the ball when they shut down people’s businesses and livelihoods. As a small business owner and single father, the government meddling in my financial stability is the last thing I need. For that reason, I pledge to reduce the corrupt government overreach in the lives of Marylanders. I’m going to cut unnecessary regulations and provide tax incentives for small businesses to expand their operations locally.


I am also heavily involved with our education system, which I have a vested interest in, unlike many of the outdated politicians in our government. As someone who grew up in Maryland schools and as a father of young children who will also grow up in Maryland schools, I will fight for education funding to be used adequately and effectively, to give students across our state equal opportunities to succeed. I want to hear from teachers and administrators to get input on what they need in their classrooms. We need to do more to help teachers teach and students learn. In addition, I am a strong proponent of school choice and will empower parents to decide what education their children will receive, instead of zip codes. I should also mention that I have my SoundSHAPE program helping children in schools across the state and I am a member of the Program Advisory Committee in Montgomery County.


As somebody who has a family and business to protect, I am a supporter, I am also a supporter of every American’s right to use the second amendment. I have extensive knowledge in gun safety and training, and actually help Maryland gun owners to get concealed carry permits so they can safely exercise their constitutional rights. It is my plan to allow every Marylander to be able to take their protection as seriously as I take my family’s protection.


The relationship between law enforcement and our community needs to be greatly strengthened. The conflicts that rocked our nation in 2020 should never happen again. As an advanced and experienced fighter and firearms instructor, I believe it should be a requirement for law enforcement to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and other de-escalation tactics to reduce the use of lethal force. Officers will not only feel safer in hand-to-hand combat and will be able to protect themselves from criminals, but citizens will feel safer knowing that weapon discharges will be few and far between. I have a great relationship with law enforcement and respect them dearly, and it's unfortunate that a few bad apples have given them a bad rap. I would like to bridge the relationship between police and community, as I’ve already been doing.